At the heart of her family’s war against the wraith king, Anna makes the only decision she can—to fight back.

Humans have always called the land of Istamba home, yet Roland, King of the Wraiths, is intent on claiming it for himself. When Fort Lieay is attacked, thirteen-year-old Anna Lieay is the only survivor. Distraught from the death of her parents, she makes the dangerous journey to the Sanctuary, the last free human settlement. There, she vows to join the army, despite her age, to help save her home from the wraiths and restore peace to humanity.

Descent of Shadows is now available HERE!

As a new army of shadowy wraiths attacks her home, Anna must abandon her secluded life-and again face war.


Dark magic spreads across Istamba as a stronger incarnation of wraiths awaken to their powers, led by a new Wraith King even more determined to conquer what Roland did not. Anna, who had hoped never to see war again, leaves her peaceful village life and returns to the battlefield. With her friends at her side, she remains intent to protect humanity from the wraiths’ magic. But this time, the light may not be strong enough to stop the darkness.


Ruins of Light is now available HERE!

Torn from the promise of a new life, Anna must return to the home that she left-to defeat the wraiths for good.

Darkness is consuming Istamba. After years of fighting the wraiths, Anna finally leaves her broken homeland, hoping to forget her memories of the war. Yet the shadows whisper, and Anna learns the Wraith King Ramiere intends to perform an ancient ritual to destroy humanity. With the final battle looming, Anna tries to fight the demons of her past and push to a brighter future while knowing she may instead become the darkness she’s always fought.

Break of Darkness is available HERE!

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